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Thumbs down zip ties for front license plate 2013 v6 accord ontario

Hey all!

2013 Honda EX-L V6 hhhWhite

I recently moved to canada and am faced with a dilemma. Ontario requires front AND back license plates (metal)- my car does NOT have front holes for a license plate / holder.

I refuse to drill into my sexy beast just because some dumbo in the govt decided to go full Canadian.

so- potential solutions-

can anyone give me any first-hand experience with using zip ties on the front lower grill? I was thinking to just ghetto speedracer zip tie it on the front lower right end.
my concerns- air flow (cant imagine that would be a problem)
- are zip ties safe enough? it IS a thin piece of metal- will it just cut through and fall off at some point? is it safe / tested/ good idea? naturally id use all 4 holes, maybe 2 zip ties per hole?

such a 3rd world problem to have in such a 1st world country lol... just GOTTA be different from THE USA, no matter the cost...

i want to put it just over the corner where the bottom chrome line ends.

thanks a bunch and yes, i am hating on the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario. Am Canadian and <3 Canada tho, despite govt.

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California has the same requirements on the front license plate, so it also varies in the US.

BC also requires it. If you have a problem, feel free to move to Alberta.

Anyway, from what I looked up, the OEM front plate also covers the lower grill a bit, so the airflow shouldn't be an issue.

I think zip ties should be fine, but it will look pretty crappy IMO.

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yeah its just local governments trying to be special in this particular case. the lowest common denominator (states/provinces requiring rear plates only) determine the lowest acceptable requirements in practicality. (i.e. the 407 requires only ur rear license plate to be visible cause r- if it did require both then obviously 1plate state/province cars would have an issue. and yet the 401 is strictly an Ontario matter- i.e. 1 plate cars are quite fine. been driving my FL 1 plate car throughout the years without any issues- meaning cops will only stop u for 1 plate if you are from a 2 plate province, practically only from Ontario).

Bottom line- why can't we be cool like other ghetto-er places!?

unlike emissions requirements- this serves no practical purpose. except for maybe the fuzz to be able to scan u better with their $$$ machines. I mean speed enforcement radar guns. however, which is my issue- why do the above-mentioned states gotta make it hard for everyone, when say Mississippi (<3) will be determining how automated cameras work in say paid expressways (i.e. only require rear plate), etc.

not quite sure why I went into an explanation for my displeasure w the ontario double license plate thing lmao...

that being said- thanks much for taking the time to respond. do you have any personal experience or knowledge with zip ties? I feel the same way about the potentially OK air flow, ghetto look, etc., but would like some first hand experience before i lose my front license plate somewhere on the 401 express .

In my case the ghetto look would be my form of informal citizens protest at the 2 plate requirement.

Also Alberta is hella dope, tyvm
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Try & get the zips in the same color as your bumper. My mechanic once had someone come in for a oil change & noticed some zip ties holding the engine in, when the customer lost some of the bolts after a engine swap they just used some zip ties, mechanic refused to work on the car.

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lol wow! good call since he'd be liable if the car left his garage w zipties holding in the engine(?!!?) without some sort of written document w the owner assuming liability i guess. gotta check out canadian tire and home depot for extra-strength heavy duty license plate to grill holding zip-ties. im sure they will EXACTLY what i need, just like always!

that being said- any personal experience is welcome

thanks for the response! zipties ftw
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You'll be fine,a Honda's not a Honda without ziptie mods.

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Zip ties are problematic at best due to the cheap way they are made.

You would need at least something that is not made of 6/6 Nylon (common material) as it absorbs moisture and not good for outdoor use.

They would also need to be UV protected as the material will also get brittle and cause the plate to loosen OR fall off if they crack.

In my work we need heat stabilized UV protected and able to withstand -40°C temperatures and high humidity exposures.

Those cheap dollar store or office supply houses only offer the worst kind of zip ties.

They also would need to be somewhat vibration tough too. Plates are buffeted at speed and create motion to the zip tie, eventually wearing it out.

Suggestion for you is find the same tape used to hold those emblems onto the car. I believe it is 3M tape. Have you ever seen an emblem fall off a car on it's own?

Either apply to plate directly and stick to bumper or mount the plate in a frame and stick that to the bumper. That tape won't hurt the paint even after years of application.

No personal experience doing this because the state of Illinois requires multiple plates too so all our cars are pre-mutilated at the dealer.


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If you live the gangster life- why not ask your next arresting officer for a pair of zip-tie restraints and use those to affix your license plate to your car and CONFORM?

u b all gangsta and what not 4 eva
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Actually in the USA, there are only 19 states that issue rear plates only. The rest issue front and rear. So both is the more common situation in the USA. The opposite in Canada though, where 9 provinces only require rear plates. Ontario, Manitoba, B.C. and New Brunswick all require both.

If you want to visualize all that, well of course the internet pipes provide that too -
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It't not real hard to buy or make a bracket that allows you to bolt it to the lower grill. Most locations that require a front plate also require that the plate is bolted to the car. Zip ties are not only a janky way of doing it, they could probably also get you a fix it ticket.
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Get some metal zip ties. Yes, there is such a thing.

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Originally Posted by mtts60 View Post
Get some metal zip ties. Yes, there is such a thing.
Yup, stainless ones too, although it may create another problem since it is much harder than the plastic grill or aluminum license plate, so it may cut into the plastic and aluminum material.

I can't speak for the 9th Gen, however what I did for my 7th Gen is to fold back the "Yours To Discover" bottom portion of the plate 90 degrees, which allowed me to place the license plate recessed in front of the lower grill area below the front of the bumper, I then used medium width outdoor UV rated zip ties to secure the license plate to the grill using the two upper mounting hole of the license plate.

I do check both zip ties from time to time, one did break a couple of years after I did this, so I replaced both, both are still fine 4 years later.
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Aviography- hmm that sounds good! i wouldnt have guessed folding the damned thing would be allowed. then again it all depends on how much of an (BUTTOCKS) the cop pulling u over is it seems...

mtts60- as for zip ties- thats really a place holder- im sure i can use any number of different wires or w/e. I cant imagine it being hard to find the right wire with the right tensile strength and ductility and all that good stuff. the point is to not drill (HUGE PILE OF BOVINE EXCREMENT) into my car... I've even seen people use double sided adhesive industrial strength tape. so far that seems like the best solution since they dont damage the paint. (thanks Miker)

MikeNC- ooh thats nice to learn! See thats the problem tho- why not just standardise it one way or the other? who gains what by going one way or the other. just commit damn it! lol. then i wouldnt be in this dumb situation either not having holes and having to drill or just hey- someone smart has thought of this before and i dont have a problem at all- i can just pop it on and go on my merry way!

RickBlaine helpful AND funny lol. double whammy! kudos! cop zip ties are meant for people so that material would be worse than dollar store zip ties. also trump 2019 i guess! <3


also what bothers me the most, apart from the incompetence riddled process of importing your vehicle from the US to Canada, and the Canadian tire shmucks requiring to keep my car overnight to check if I have day-time running lights (darr the internet, darr go to the parking lot and use your eyes, etc), the rules they are trying to enforce all skirt the actual issues of safety. its a (DESCRIPTION OF A SEXUAL ACT INVOLVING MANY, MANY MEN STANDING AROUND IN A CIRCLE FORMATION) without the actual issues of safety being addressed. Why not charge me 20 bucks to have a "professional" drill the holes into my bumper properly, instead of letting the car get marked SAFE and then have people drive with a front plate for a number of days sliding around on the front dash potentially causing u to have an accident. thinking is hard, i know, especially for the folks in charge making the rules... lets enforce a bunch of useless stuff we can check by going online, instead of actually do things the right, thoughtful, intelligent way.

the plates do not have to be bolted in all places. they do in the EU but at least not in NY, MA, FL, Ontario and a few others.. cars come with screw holes in the rear, probably i guess in the front too when applicable. considering cars change ownership id imagine bolding ur plate to ur car would cause some issues down the line. and in my case the whole point is to not damage my bumper to satisfy some (A PAIR OF BUTTOCKS LACKING INTELLIGENCE) rule... I guess that makes me "gangsta". go me!

Last edited by RickBlaine; 01-07-2018 at 05:43 AM. Reason: Gangsta gots to stop the swearing! Family forum- think of the children, please.
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Originally Posted by logos View Post
I refuse to drill into my sexy beast just because some dumbo in the govt decided to go full Canadian.
Zip ties will make your car stop being a sexy beast anymore. It's ugly wherever you put it.

Do you still have the factory license plate holder somewhere? If so, use it.

Drilling two holes on the bumper is not such a big deal as you think. If you need to remove it in the future, all it takes is a little bit Bondo and touch up paint, 10 minutes of your time. The two holes will be hardly noticeable.

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Why not run for office in your country, and change these oppressive rules so that you can all be free like that Braveheart dude in that Braveheart movie and not be hassled by the man and stuff?

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front grill, license plate, zip ties

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