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3rd Gear

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Do you even get enough snow in Indy to worry about it?

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4th Gear

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Originally Posted by Hudouc View Post
I have Goodyear Eagle Sport All Season. Performs surprisingly well in snow and on ice being all season (and slightly performance oriented). Back in high school, I would always be the first one out of the neighborhood (6am), these tires got me through 5 inches of snow (slush, powdered, wet snow) on the road all the time (good old lake effect snows). Very minimal traction control and ABS interventions needed.

p.s. comparisons are made against Goodyear Assurance Triple Tread and Dunlop SP Sport 7000
I just got the Goodyear triple treads on my 7th gen and they handle very well in the snow. Suprisingly well for AS tires. Not to ruffle the feathers of Michelin fans on here, but the michelins I had on my car prior were horrible in the snow.

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6th Gear

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Originally Posted by lmacmil View Post
Do you even get enough snow in Indy to worry about it?
Oh geez, you don't live anywhere in the Midwest do you?

I've never had dedicated snow tires and have gotten around just fine. Common sense goes a long way. Some tires are better than others however. When the Primacys on the coupe wear out I will replace them with dedicated snows since they just my winter tires for now, but given that they will probably last me a good long while yet (had the car 2.5 years and only 24k miles and 2/3rds of that has been on the dedicated Summer tires).

Ages ago, before all-season tires really came into being we got along quite well as long as you had radial tires. Bias ply tires except dedicated snows were just awful. Part of the issue with modern tires is that unless they are dedicated performance tires they are made out of rubber compounds that will last a long time on the road. These rubber compounds are not often conducive to good winter traction regardless of the build of the carcass or tread design. But, again, a whole heaping of common sense will get you going safely. Another bit of common sense is to just simply stay put if the weather is REALLY awful.

Every year when the first few storms hit I see more AWD vehicles in the ditches and snow banks. The best drivertrain layout and the best tires around won't protect you from stupidity or over confidence.

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Out of Control

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I had to be out on Saturday and got caught in about an inch or two with the Accord and absolutely nothing when I hit the brakes before a stop sign. I could see a lot of pavement at the stop sign so I wasn't too concerned but time to use something else. I just got new wheels for my Ridgeline but I was too late and all snows are top dollar or sold out. Hopefully this winter will be a non event like most past winters. Each year I say I'll get new snow blower but I don't think I have used it more than 10 times in the past 3 winters.

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Doritos Spinner

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Originally Posted by lmacmil View Post
Do you even get enough snow in Indy to worry about it?
So thought a lot of British Columbians. This February apparently caused a lot of chaos due to people's lack of preparation.

Like someone mentioned here, it's not really about snow. It's about the temperature. If the tires get too hard, your car simply won't get as good of a grip, even on dry ground.

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3rd Gear

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Originally Posted by WhiteOrchid View Post
Oh geez, you don't live anywhere in the Midwest do you?
Actually I live in South Bend, 140 miles north of Indy, and we get lake effect snow quite often. We get 60-70" of snow a season on average. Indy gets about 1/3 of that and it melts away a lot faster down there. I've been driving FWD cars since about 1986 and never felt the need for snow tires and never had an accident. If your driving style is appropriate for the conditions, you shouldn't have a problem. YMMV.
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Out of Control

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Originally Posted by calgary_6_6 View Post
The factory MXV4's are indeed awful in any sort of real snow. They will do OK in a little bit of light slush but forget any real snow. First thing I did was pickup some Toyo Observe G3-Ice tires.
I currently have Pirelli P7's on the car. They work pretty well, much better than the MXV4's. And all I need given I have the 4x4 alternative when needed for the heavy stuff.

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6th Gear

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Michelin CrossClimate+ looks like a really nice grandtouring nice - at least from the tire rack tests. The p7's rate pretty low, esp in the wet or snow.

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5th Gear

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Originally Posted by II Kings 9:20 View Post
Like others have mentioned, good stories about all seasons doing great in the snow (try it with RWD) and I have similar experiences until 2001 when I moved into my current house. ALL of the yang I was telling friends about "all seasons are all you need if you have FWD and I live in Ohio" was null and void when I moved up the mile long 10% grade I live on now. All seasons are entirely inadequate.

We had our first snow yesterday. I just mounted up my steelies with Nokian Nordman 7 SUV on the Pacifica tonight and last night, I mounted up the alloys and Dunlop Wintersports on the Accord.

I had the Altimax Arctics put on the S60 (lease car, not buying wheels with an odd bolt pattern I'll never use on another car) today and one had a hole in the sidewall after only 1 season. I wonder if something is going on. I store them flat and stacked. Alloys/Wintersports for the Accord stacked 4 high and rimless Altimax stacked on the alloys 4 high. Same as the tire stores.

Last April when remounting the stock Volvo tires, 3/4 Continentals had sidewall blisters and I had to buy 4 new tires. They were stored the same way. Wal Mart wasn't pulling my leg. They circled the blisters and didn't charge me a dime for double the labor (mount the stock, discover blisters, re mount the snows) and they didn't try to sell me new tires. I've never had a problem with storing Ody, MDX, or Accord all season or snows the same way. I'm thinking about storing upright for this season. Lease is up in July. I'm also thinking of storing Pacifica tires upright which I've also seen at tire stores when stored on a rack. Funny, the only tire issues I've had are with mounting and dismounting and never with a wheel tire package.
Originally Posted by II Kings 9:20 View Post
I've yet to find any all season worth anything in the snow.
Originally Posted by seldomseen View Post
There are a handful of all seasons that perform exceedingly well in he snow, Dunlap, Kumho, Pirelli, and Yokohama still make some.

Kings has been advocating for winter tires for years on this forum. It's a case of you don't know how good winter tires are until you've experienced it. All-seasons are only true all-seasons in locations where it doesn't snow. The 19' wheels/tires on certain trims of the 2016+ Accord are particularly bad in snow because they're wide.

To anyone that is not convinced- watch this comparison of summer, all-season and winter tires.
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Go with snows

Here in New England I consider a set of four snow tires essential to winter driving. The problem with the stock OEM tires is not just the compounds and treads of the AS tires, but also how fat the wheels are getting. Our LX has EX 215/55R17 wheels for summer use, which are a about a 1/2" wider than the 205/65R16 Tire Rack wheels we use for snows. The 40 series tires on a Sport are an 1 1/2" wider. The wider tire alone means less grip. But the decision factor for me has been the potholes that appear later in the winter - hit one at speed and you'll bend one of your oh-so-expensive OEM rims. Replacing one OEM rim, and maybe the tire too, and you have spent much of the cost of buying the dedicated snow tires. When you sell the car, you can Craigslist the snow/wheel set where they sell immediately, and the cost of the extra wheels/snows is pretty much a draw.

When you zip up that snowy hill, passing the long line of stalled cars, the snow tires sure put a smile on your face. FWD and four snows is almost as good as a Subaru.
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Out of Control

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Originally Posted by GPz1100 View Post
"....Driving like idiots".... Can't fix stupid.

I learned to drive on a big rwd mid 80's sedan ('84 caprice). Didn't have winter/snow tires... Just big donuts (225/75/15 if I remember). We survived winter using lots of common sense.
I learned on mid '70s Impala, Sedan de Ville, Econoline, and Pontiac without snow tires.

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I actually saw a Discount Tire ad the other day that compared "winter vs. snow" tires to wearing "boots vs. flip flops" for walking in the snow.

It really is that big of a difference.

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Runnin' in the 90s

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Only time I had a problem during winter was with my Accord, last year. I had winter tires on the front only (Hankook I-Pikes), and she started sliding sideways when I hit about 5-7 inches of unplowed, muddy, half-melted slush in the road. Got it on dash cam, you can see the exact moment I lose control of the car as I go SLIGHTLY downhill, then try to turn it onto an inclined street to get out of the slide. It was like being on drag slicks and the tires just spun in place if I touched the gas. I thought I was going to slam into something because I couldn't even stop the car. A guy helped me get her into a parking spot (he was driving a truck with gigantic treaded tires) and I walked home, and stayed there for almost a week until the snow melted. If that had happened on the street I usually take to work and couldn't stop, a 20% grade hill, yikes.

The wonderful Commonwealth of Pennsylvania decided last year to just not plow anywhere besides certain stretches of highway, when most of the state got slammed with 20-30+ inches of snow/ice in two days. It scared the hell out of me and now I'm afraid of what we're going to get this winter, even though I have a full set of winters and four brand new struts on the car now.

Not looking great for this year either (shortage of snow plow drivers):

Over the weekend, we got our first snow for this winter, and I could hear cars [mostly trucks] spinning their tires at the red light at the end of our block aaaaall day. Seriously considering moving to NJ just so I don't have to drive on %^&$ roads, during the two seasons we have in PA: road construction and winter. The higher taxes would be worth it...

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MXM4's are horrible in any snow condition over 0.5" of accumulation. I did a 270 degree spin with them by just pulling the e-brake in an empty parking lot years ago. After they wore out, I never got them ever again. This is on a 7th gen V6. I was able to drive in snow with relative ease on Pirelli Cinturato all-season the last winter.

I was moving at 70 mph on the highway in the snow yesterday with the Bridgeston Blizzak WS-80 205/60-16 on Acura RSX rims. Black friday deal from Discount Tires, $160 rebates back. So I paid $510, everything included. These even beat trucks and SUV's with 4x4 off the line. Tires do not spin at all. I run 35 psi on these snow tires. Narrower the better for snow tires.
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Blizzaks are probably the best for actual snow driving. They are a softer tire and may wear faster during dry conditions. That said, I'm running xice2 on the g now. They're ok in the snow but not excellent. Stopping/starting is fine, but turning has to be done with care.

Also, unless things have changed, only the first 50% of the tire is winter compound, 2nd half is all season.

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