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1st Gear

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2013 Accord EX-L V6: two-year review

My odometer turned 20,000 miles today, so I thought I'd write up a review of my 2013 Accord EX-L V6.

I took delivery at the end of January 2013. The out-the-door price was $28,500 + tax. Cash deal, so no financing.

My Accord is modern steel metallic with gray leather interior. I keep it in the garage and wash it almost every week at a do-it-yourself car wash. A towel dry when I get home along with Armour All tire foam, and the car still looks brand new.

The dealership installed Clear Bra on the hood/leading surfaces and side mirrors. I had 3M Color Stable window tint installed at a local shop, which really gives the car some character, and helps with sun glare.

I've only had two oil changes (at the dealership). And, surprisingly, have yet to have the original Michelin tires rotated. All four tires are wearing the same. Based on the current tread, I expect to get at least 60K before replacing.

Other than an audio system firmware update that was performed during my first oil change, I only had the car in for one problem. During cold weather, I can hear occasional brake "squeal." The brake system was checked and no problem was found. The pads and rotors are in good shape. No issues during warmer weather -- only when it's cold. The dealer could find no issues, but the problem still persists.

The mileage has been good. I average 24 mpg in mixed city/highway driving. I've hit 38 mpg on long road trips.

Speaking of long trips, I've done two round-trips from Denver to Michigan.

Living in Colorado, we do get some snow storms. The car handles well in snow and ice. The front wheel drive does a respectable job.

The V6 power is quite impressive. It's a rocket. Shifting is smooth and handling is sound. It's a fun car to drive. Sport mode really turns it up a notch. The ride is a touch stiff. Soundproofing is decent.

The lane watch camera and FCW are excellent safety features. I don't use LDW nor the Econ mode.

The seats are very comfortable and the visibility is great. The gray leather looks nice, and I like the "two-tone" interior of black and gray, rather than all black. I wear jeans quite often, and the drivers seat now has a blue tint to it, but it's not too noticeable, and I use leather seat wipes to help keep things clean.

I'm glad I didn't go with the navigation model. The price simply didn't make sense to me. Instead, I have a Garmin GPS mounted on the windshield and plug it into the arm storage box. The cord slips nicely between the seat and center console, plus I have a small clip to keep the cord tight. I love the fact that the power outlets turn on and off with the car.

While it's not a true "premium" sound system, it's not bad. I mainly listen to AM radio and XM. AM sound is very good with plenty of bottom end, and XM is good. XM quality, of course, depends on the channels you're listening to -- music channels are a bit narrow, but still sound decent. The news, sports and talk channels sound fine for voice. Both Howard Stern channels have much higher bandwidth. FM audio is just OK. I also listen to music and podcasts via the USB drive. That audio is very good. I've never streamed music from my phone nor have I used the CD player. The bluetooth for my iPhone works really well.

Storage is good. Trunk space is excellent.

So, that sums it up after 20,000 miles and just over two years on the road. It's a great car, and I can see myself driving it for at least another 80K miles.

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1st Gear

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Great review. You write like a pro.
If you don't mind, please reveal the make and model of your previous car and how the Accord compares. Thanks.

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1st Gear

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Thanks! I had a 2008 Pilot before the Accord. It's been a while since I've owned a sedan, but I've been a Honda fan for many years.

I considered a higher-end "luxury" car before deciding on the Accord (Acura and Lexus). But, in the end, the value of the Accord was hard to be beat.
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5th Gear

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Nice review. About what we all expect from Honda Accords.

With a I4 I thought I would want the 6 after testing it first but still went with the 4 with 6MT.

Love it and it does all I expect it to.

Again thank you for the review and should prove useful for those trying to decide on a Accord. The value aspect is what also sold me. A lot of car for the price. Although mine is a 13, other car companies are still catching up.
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Very thorough dude! Thanks. This is really helpful to me, as I've been vacillating between Acura & Accord for the next ride and you're keeping me in the Accord mode!

By the way, re your brake squeal, when it's time for brakes you might consider a good aftermarket brand. That solved a similar issue on a gen 7 I had.

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Black 2015 EX-L V6 Sedan

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Hey man, thanks for the review. I have 10000km on my 2015 so reading that you've had no problems makes me happy!!

Post a pic of her!!
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5th Gear

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Good stuff. The V6 is a gem of an engine. That alone is worth it IMHO.
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Out of Control

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Thanks for your review.

I've had mine since the end of July 2013 and I have a little over 18,000 miles. I have had only one warranty repair to replace the Smart Entry system relay. Otherwise everything else works 100%. I have been averaging around 30 MPG. A little more with Econ mode on and a little bit less with it off. The I4 combined with the CVT has plenty of power when I need it and the transmission shifts as smoothly as a baby's behind. The paddle shifters change the 'gear' ratios instantly and the car is a lot of fun to drive. My previous Accord Coup is a 2000 V6 which my 18 year old son still drives to school.

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Nice review.

Glad I'm not the only one with the cold weather squealing issue.

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2nd Gear

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Your review made me sad i didnt choose the v6. Awesome review!
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Very nice review Foster. How sad my '14 is almost to 30K! I agree with so many of your points. I have to say that these Michelins have so much life in them. I've been waiting for them to run out to put my new wheels on, and they just won't wear out! We made a good choice with this car =)

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2015 Accord Touring I4

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What are your impressions on the VCM in your car over the last two years? If your 2008 Pilot had VCM how does it compare?

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Beast mode!

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Great review! Man I always wanted to mention the squeaking in cold weather, mine does it and it drives me nuts! The colder it is the worse it is. It gets to the point where people walking on the sidewalk are looking at me as if to say wtf cause it gets that loud.

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Originally Posted by 08EX-L View Post
What are your impressions on the VCM in your car over the last two years? If your 2008 Pilot had VCM how does it compare?
The VCM is impressive in that it's transparent to the driver. If I'm cruising along at 75MPH on the highway, there's no sensation or indication that the car is on three cylinders. The acceleration remains the same, but the MPG increases dramatically over city driving.

I don't recall if the 2008 Pilot had VCM.
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1st Gear

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Very good review! I have the exact same model and year. Got mine in Aug. 2013.

About a week or two ago, I just hit 21k. Mostly drive city. Avg 18-20 MPG. (I tend to press the peddle more when driving in West LA =p )

I also experience the break "squeal." But goes away after the car warms up. Other than the "vibration" at driving around 35-40, the car is good.

For VCM, don't really notice it when driving. Compared to my sisters 08 accord v6 and mine, we average the same in city driving but she occasionally gets more mileage because she drives 40 miles three times a week on hwy. But both of our cars have way better mileage than our mothers 99 accord V6. The only advantage my mom car has over mine is that her car accelerates a lot faster than mine lol.

2013 MSM accord EX-L V6 (non-navi)
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