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2014 Black Sport 6 spd

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ZL1? C7? Escalade? ATS turbo 6spd........ no....but much better than oe Lots of happy GM synchro modified users with Accord 6-6's, Sport 6spd, TSX 6spd, Civic SI's, etc on this forum and other sites

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JFI, this subject -- i.e., whether a particular manual transmission fluid (MTF) will improve shifting or mitigate grinding on the 1st-to-2nd gear shift -- has been discussed and debated extensively on other Honda boards over the course of several years. (See, for example: .) And there's no question that GM's "friction modified" MTF (now sold by AC Delco, a GM subsidiary) will improve shifting performance. ( The only question -- still unanswered btw -- is whether there are any long-term, unreported negative consequences. That debate is still ongoing. What clouds that issue is whether those who use alternative MTF's are also owners who beat the hell out of the cars.

A more conservative choice (IMHO) is Amsoil's Synthetic Manual Synchromesh Transmission Fluid. It's a bit more expensive, but Amsoil was one of the first, if not the first, to offer a fully synthetic MTF. FWIW, I used it for a least eight years in an '02 Civic Si, a car which was notorious for shifting issues, and I thought it was excellent product. If nothing else, it greatly improved cold-weather shifting, and unlike the complaints of some that GM's MTF is only good for, say, 10k miles or so, I didn't any decline whatsoever in Amsoil's performance over time. I changed MTF once at 2k miles and left the stuff in my Civic for years. I should also mention that I never beat on my cars, which may explain why I've never experienced a problem using Amsoil's MTF.

As others have noted, nothing you pour from a bottle will fix a mechanical problem. But it's also true that there are other fully synthetic MTF's, such as Amsoil's MTF, that will improve shifting performance.

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Originally Posted by Slayinit View Post

I wonder what's changed in the gearbox internals & metals that call for something that only Honda makes??
Honda's profit margins. That's usually the only reason for proprietary fluid. Every manufacturer calls for their own fluid as the recommended fluid. Most fluid manufacturers can make something as good or better.

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Originally Posted by JayDeZ View Post
Honda's profit margins. That's usually the only reason for proprietary fluid. Every manufacturer calls for their own fluid as the recommended fluid. Most fluid manufacturers can make something as good or better.
Honda does not make oil! If you have to use a specified brand to keep warranty then you must be supplied that free of charge.

However you must meet spec. If what ever MTF you put in meets or exceeds the OEM spec there is no issue. Period!

I am either going to Amsoil or Mobile 1 in the very near future on my MT. I see no issues.

A synthetic MT oil will improve a bunch of stuff including feel of shifts.

Just need to match weight of the MT fluid, or get very close. Not sure what is in there? 75-90W 90-120W will have to know that first.
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i used gm synchromesh in my 05 5spd accord and it helped with the shifting some. my current 6mt is noticeably notchier with the addition of a short shifter so this may be something i try.

the transmission is warrantied up to what? 36k? im already past that and wouldnt care about warranty issues. honestly i dont see how a different mt fluid will give you any transmission issues. it certainly didnt in my previous accord.

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6th Gear

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...I have about 74,000 miles on my Accord 6M's GMSFM. I learned about it right here on this forum. No more difficult 3rd gear shift (Thanks Aviography and Ypsibird)

ez sends...............

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Originally Posted by JayDeZ View Post
Honda's profit margins. That's usually the only reason for proprietary fluid. Every manufacturer calls for their own fluid as the recommended fluid. Most fluid manufacturers can make something as good or better.
Yes and no. As long as the aftermarket fluids meet Honda or OEM specs, its OK.

But, I read an article on the Current CRV Comparo test. In it the editor was speaking with a Honda rep and bashing the CRV for only having a 5-speed when the competition is 6 or more speeds. His response was that the customers asked for efficency and not gears. The engineers when back and developed a new transfluid that increased efficency of the transmission to levels higher than a comparable 6-speed.

Behind that only slightly updated engine is an only slightly updated transmission. Against a market that is swelling with six-speed automatics—not to mention the nine-speed ZF unit on its way for front-drive applications—Honda is sticking with the CR-V’s fiver. Lower-friction internals and lower-viscosity transmission fluid boost efficiency, and a wider ratio spread nudges the CR-V’s fuel-economy ratings up. Front-drivers increase their mileage from 21/28 city/highway to 23/31; all-wheel-drive models go from 21/27 to 22/30.

In response to criticism for sticking with the five-speed, Honda’s answer was along the lines of, “Our five is damn good. The customers wanted efficiency gains—we gave them efficiency gains.”

That is why I wonder how putting Syncromesh fluid in a Honda Manual will affect MPGs.


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14 CBP SPRT ( . Y . )

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my 6mt shifts great all the time...including in the lovely canadian winters.
ive never had a problem and have no idea what you are talking...but thanks for sharing.
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Just do it!

I put Redline in my 200 Accord 5 speed, and half Redline and half GM Syncromesh in my 2008 Civic Si. The Si had some 6 speed issues and GM Syncromesh was highly recommended on Civic forums to forestall problems. My car wasn't affected by the TSB, but I put it in anyway.

Great improvement on both cars. Better shifting, slightly better gas mileage, and I'm sure better wear characteristics.

Highly recommended.

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I don't know how you could call the shifter in the Accord "notchy." It's anything but! Maybe they changed something for '14, but I've never had a single problem with it. It's smooth like butter. If anything it's not notchy ENOUGH. But then I'm used to the shifter feel of Miatas and S2ks...
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Midnightsport, can you tell us where the drain and fill bolts are or post some pics?

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Fear The Turtle!

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I put the synchromesh in my '06 and my '61 Impala...Didn't make a huge difference in the '06 except for cold weather notchiness (some say it improves shift speed, I say BS). In the '61 with tired old synchros it made a world of difference.


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2014 Black Sport 6 spd

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Well Im having issues with pics, but on the Sport they are easy to find. Pull your car up on ramps. Both fill and drain plugs have the square in the middle of the bolt that you plug your ratchet directly into. The top is the size of a quarter and the drain is more like a half dollar.. Undo the fill bolt first. From the top of the engine, if you go to your battery, it sits down about a foot in between the battery and airbox. Use a long extension (3/8) and a breaker bar. My breaker bar was a (1/2) so I used my ratchet, but attached the upper bar from my floor jack to the ratchet for leverage. That made it easy, but was impossible with the ratchet alone. Whats nice about the 9th gen 4cyl 6spd is the drain plug is on the bottom of the transmission, at the rear, so on ramps it drains it all out. The bottom drain comes off much easier. After draining, re install your drain plug and tighten. There is a crush washer you can replace. I have 1200 mikes and reused it because they told me it was the same size as my oil drain washer, ....its not. I have al funnel that has a tube attached thats about 18 inches long and was perfect for the fill. Refill with 2 1/4-2 1/3 quarts. Mine drained 2.25, but I used about 1/3 of the bottle. Now reinstall the fill plug, and drive around for a little bit, while smiling.
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I'll probably give it a shot at fluid change time.
This is not out of the ordinary.
Ford makes a synthetic manual trans fluid that worked wonders on Miata transmissions.
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For the 2014 Accord LX stick, what is the transmission fluid weight needed? Everyone is saying Amsoil, Syncromesh, but what weight?

Thank you

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