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3rd Gear

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Yestersday I was on my way home and stop at the light, right next to me is a guy with a brand new BMW 335i, He roll down the window and shout to me that he wished he has my car instead, I siad to him that I wish I have his, then he said:" No, you wouldn't, this freaking 3-series is everywhere now, I saw more BMW 3-series than Honda Civic, that's suck!"

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3rd Gear

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My superior came out to the parkade and saw my car and said; You made way too much money and too much Overtime for you! I ensured him that it is a very affordable car so his EGO will settle down and I can continues to have my O.T.

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1st Gear

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i have recently had 2 people pulll up next to me in a parking lot and ask me "what kind of car is that" I said Honda Accord and they both said "wow that is a beautiful car". one lady was driving an Audi A4 and the other was driving a 330i.
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3rd Gear

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Just took my parents for a ride in our Accord EX-L V6 sedan.
Dad: "Maybe we should trade up from our Lexus [ES300] to an Accord."
Mom: "This rides as nice as any of friends cars [Mercedes, Lexus] and its just as roomy as so-and-so's Avalon. How does Honda do it for so much less? Why does your sisters BMW drive like this?"
The BMW comment wasn't fair as its a X5 4.4 with sport suspension.

Needless to say I was tickled pink and probably convinced them what their next car would be.

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Out of Control

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I love walking out of a store and as I cross the parking lot, small crowds are gathered around my car .. Today at best buy a few of the geek squad employees were checking it out

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Honda Junkie

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loved it when people driving BMW 3-series and G35 owners gawking at my accord coupe....priceless...then my GF had to ruin it by saying, maybe they were staring at her instead of the car :P

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2nd Gear

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Haven't really gotten unusual comments but I love the "beautiful, gorgeous, hot" compliments i've received since I got my car last week. Not to mention the stares! I really think Honda did a great job on the 8th gen styling. When I saw the concept in Detroit last year, I knew I had to get one.

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5th Gear

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Since I'm a 16 year old, I've gotten so many compliments that I don't even remeber them all.

I drive my car to school and so there are rumors are going around that I'm driving a nice car.

Another incident was when I got rear ended and we were on the side of the road waiting for the officer to get all our info. The Cop comes up next to my car and asks:"Is this your car?" I answer "Yeah I got it for my sixteenth birthday" He says "Its a nice you have even with the scratches on the back"

This morning I was driving to work on the highway and a 07 accord pulls up next to me and the passenger just kept staring. So I just switched lanes and sped off and a few seconds later, I see them right next to me again.

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4th Gear

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When I first got my car I didnt drive it to school much. No one really saw me get in or out of it bc i showed up to school late bc of first period study halls. I left late because of sports. The first day i got my intake and my tint put I gave the car a little gas passing a group of 60 kids. The next day i get in class, A bunch of people asked eachother who has the loud blue car. I got up and said it was me and the bell rang.

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5th Gear

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washed, waxed my car... came into the office... so was just standing outside looking at the car and admiring it, and some guy comes up and says... "that's a sick car! i could stand here starring it at all day too"... so i look and smile and just say yeah... then remote start the car from my pocket and the HIDs turn on (the sweet flicker, then blue-to-white) he looks around and is like, "damn these expensive european cars have everything!, time to go, the owner is prolly a stuckup sob" so i looked at him smiled, said "some reason i doubt that... but thanks" and walked to the car got in and drove off...

... has been saying hi to me ever since...

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Odyssey's little brother

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It's just a thing.

But I will say that Ive defiitely had more double-takes with this Honda than the last I had (2001 civic)

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4th Gear

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Originally Posted by camdion1 View Post
What is the most unusual compliment you have gotten so far. After I washed the car my Family and I went shopping. On the way out from the store the kids were racing to the car. This one guy who was walking with I guess his wife turned to me and said "You're gonna just let them finger print it up"
I don't know if this qualifies as "unusual," but last month I went on vacation driving all over the place with my dad, Tennessee to Florida to Georgia to Kentucky to Tennessee to Virginia to Tennessee, all in about two weeks. It rained pretty much the whole trip, and so there was no point in washing the car, but it had so much road grime on it, it was dull grey instead of the usual shiny black I try to keep it, it looked so disgusting I was embarrassed to be driving it. And yet everywhere we went, someone would comment about what a beautiful car I have.

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post #103 of 123 Old 11-21-2009, 04:25 PM
Automatic.... :(

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I was at my dealer getting some service done. They parked it in front after they were finished. I come to get in my car and notice a beautiful black v6 coupe parked right next to mine. A couple just purchased it. They looked at mine and said "I want that one!"

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4th Gear

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i was taking a walk with my gf around an area shopping center/mall (outdoor type) while returning to my car i noticed a group of people standing around my car and was like wtf is going on...as i got closer i could see that they were taking pictures with my car (i could understand if it was a ferrari or something) needless to say it was too close for comfort so i hit the lock button twice to sound the horn and they got the hint
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Rice Rice Baby

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I was at a gas station when this dude asked me where I bought the chrome door handles. I told him that it came with the car. He was like "woww" lol Then there was another time when I was at a stop light some dude stick his head out his window and yelled "Nice Carr...Don't Wreck It"

'09 Accord Sedan V6 EX-L AT. Alabaster Silver.

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