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Questions about dealer tactics...

So I'm not a real good car shopper, I've bought two big car purchases in my life, the 1998 Honda Accord and the 2004 Acura TL, and been pretty much by the dealerships both times.
I'm trying to be a little more savvy now in my 40's than I was in my 20's and 30's, married with two kids etc, its important to get what I want and not pay extreme amounts for it.

In my recent shopping experience, currently the dealership I'm working with has me in a loaner, while they hunt down the car I want, which is a 2016 Accord EX sedan, base of this model.
I was wanting to see the colors and interior options but OF COURSE, they don't have anything on the lot right now, just one black with ivory interior which I know I don't want.

They were willing to do a search for me with other dealerships and get me the car I want, I'm not sure how they do this, they were back in an office looking on a computer, so not sure exactly what they were doing.
They did ask if I had a set milage that I wouldn't want the car driven to them, which made me think they were looking outside the state maybe. I pretty much gave them options in state but if it were outside I'd not want it driven in.
I live in OKC and so Dallas I'm sure has more inventory than some of my surrounding lots in Norman, MidWest City, Tulsa etc...still, Dallas miles are over 300 and while thats not much I wasn't a fan of it.

They came back to me with a few options that would be easier to get, Modern Steel Metallic with Gray Interior or Silver with Black Interior. I told them I prefer the Modern Steel Metallic exterior over Silver, but what I really want is the Modern Steel Metallic with black interior. And now after driving in the loaner, I want leather but that price point puts me out of budget, so cloth it is for now, lol.

I guess I should have just stuck with what I really wanted and not budged? The reason being is they had me sign some papers that were basically the agree to terms papers which I did like the price felt that part of the deal was good, but they made me put a $500 deposit check down to get this car into their dealership. It will go towards the car when it gets here, but my question is, if I just hate this color combo when I see it, am I obligated to this car and them keeping my deposit? I know if I just hate it, which is probably doubtful, but if I do, I don't want to be stuck with it and stuck with them keeping $500 of my money. Now I don't know what it cost them to get it here, if delivered etc, I'd guess that is not cheap, but its hard to know exactly if you like a car and its interior sight unseen. I figure if they want my business, getting a car on the lot that I might want to buy is an essential part of a deal, so why should it cost me a deposit? I could just take my business where the car is, if they don't want me to stay. I like them so far, and would continue to work with them but if I hate this combo I don't want to be stuck with it. I know I can't expect them to just keep getting cars and bringing them to their lot. I'd even go as far as to say had they told me such and such other dealership has these color combos go look at them and come back and tell me which one you want and I'll get it from them, etc, but I know thats probably not reasonable from their standpoint as they figure that other dealer will try to win my business too while I'm there, so they didn't want to risk that so making me put a deposit down for this car was their insurance I'd stay and do business with them, I guess? What are my rights though, if I hate this car? Again, I don't think I will, just want to be ready to defend my stance if so.

I know I can always change the seats/interior down the road as well, I'm just kind of starting to have some buyers remorse already even though I haven't actually signed the contract etc...they just wanted to make sure I didn't go elsewhere, which I probably should have if they didn't have what I wanted exactly. I think the price was too good, but I know the inventories are low everywhere on 2016 now, but still, I should get what I want right?

2016 Accord EX - Modern Steel Metallic with Gray Interior
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I was in your situation back in April. I was looking for a 2016 sport manual and a dealership was able to locate a car 50 miles away. I also wanted black. It was MSM but I got it anyways because all the manuals were sold out at 8 or 9 dealerships in socal. Me and the salesperson already agreed on a price but he did not ask for any deposit. It's called a dealer trade. He drove a new car from his dealership to exchange with another dealership then drove back with the car I was getting. The car had 60 miles when I got it but didn't mind since he gave me a great price and threw in a trunk tray for free. For your situation your dealership will have to have it delivered on a flat bed truck which does cost money. That's probably why a $500 deposit will insure them that you will buy the car from them. I'm not too sure if they have the right to keep it if you change your mind.

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Look for the car you want on, then go from there. It's not always best to go to the local dealership.
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The document you signed probably will let you know what happens if you back out. Most likely they keep the money. Don't they have other trims in the color you want so you can see what it looks like? Maybe it's not a high volume dealership but every dealership I've come across have tons of Accords on the lot.

2007 EX-L 4DR
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I think it is best not to sign anything or give any kind of deposit until you have actually seen and driven the car you are going to buy. If it were me I would try to get my $500 back and start over. If they give you a hard time about returning your money call your state attorney general's office and see what your rights are. In a lot of states the attorney general is pretty aggressive about helping people with car dealers. Good luck.
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Nowhere man -- dude, did you sign a sales contract? I'm having trouble understanding you. It's a common practice that, if you put up a deposit, you just bought a car. In your case, you just don't know what car you bought. You gave that decision away for the dealer to make, in other words, you bought whatever they present you with. And hell yes you'll lose the deposit if you back out. Depending on the language of the contract you signed, you probably signed away all rights you have. You've been suckered. I don't mean this critically of you, but that's what happened. Please, before you go to a dealer, at least google some strategy so you won't get as badly suckered as you are now.

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The gentleman above me is correct. You most likely got suckered. I recently went car shopping with a friend of mine. We went to the same dealer I bought my car from. My friend was looking for a 2013-2015 Accord Sport, to which we found two.

Problem was they did not want to give a good price on either one, so my friend chose a 2013 Sonata that they had. My friend's budget was somewhere around 250-350 a month, so we gave those numbers to the salesman. He gave us that finance printout sheet, but when we did the math, the APR was set at over 40%!

He hesitated when we told him about this and insisted that my friend sign the paper(it was a "pre-sales contract", he said). My friend refused, and they tried to get the finance manager to convince my friend to sign.

We dealt with three more days of bs and this could have been avoided had they given my friend a good deal on the Sport. Now the month has closed, and the salesman lost out on closing the deal before the end of August.
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Do your own shopping. Don't hand that off to the dealer.
You're pretty much asking to be screwed. Financially that is.
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I worked for a Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge/Ram dealer for over 2 years here in So Cal.

It's illegal for them to keep your deposit, tell them you want it back and you won't give them ANY money until you actually decide you're going to BUY the you have to see it and drive it, it's up to them to find it IF they want your business.

NEVER, EVER give them any money up front unless you're ordering a new car from the factory, that usually requires a deposit.

Also remember no matter how nice they are they are ONLY concerned with how much money they can make off you.....they are NOT your "friends" although they will try to convince you they are.

One more thing, NEVER go car shopping alone OR when you're TIRED OR HUNGRY.
You make BAD decisions when you're tired or hungry, this is why dealers will try to keep you there for hours, it wears you down and you get weak and make a bad decision.

Tell them they have 2 HOURS to make this deal happen and talk FIRMLY and let them know you ARE leaving after 2 hours....then DO IT if you have to.

Since you admit you aren't a real experienced car buyer you need to take a friend or co-worker or relative with you when you buy who has more experience.

BEST time to buy is last day of the month because the dealer may be trying to meet their monthly quota.
The Chrysler dealer I worked at would give massive discounts to make their quota becasue if they didn't they would lose almost $100,000 in bonus money from the manufacturer.
Every month they earn that IF they sell their quota.
So.....if they say were 3 cars short on that last night of the month they would sell the units $6,000 or $7,000 UNDER MSRP window sticker.
They'd lose money on those cars but make that $100,000 bonus so it didn't matter!
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Originally Posted by slimm1469 View Post
Nowhere man -- dude, did you sign a sales contract? I'm having trouble understanding you. It's a common practice that, if you put up a deposit, you just bought a car.
If he did not take possession of the car he can get out of the contract, IF he signed a SALES contract.
The contract isn't complete unless he takes delivery and ACCEPTS the vehicle and drives it off the lot OR they deliver it to his driveway and he accepts the keys, he has a RIGHT to change his mine untill then.

People put deposits down on Hellcats and months later changed their mind and got their deposit back because they didn't have the car yet.

IF THE DEALER THREATENS YOU Nowhereman,tell them you're going to talk to your attorney.

I wish you lived in So Cal, I love to help people with car deals........I should start a broker business!!
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I'm not a great price negotiator when it comes to cars. I've had success with the Jeeps and Dodge's that my wife has had, but with both of my VW's and my new Accord it was basically sold to me around sticker price. I ended up going with a 2016 Accord over a 2017 because it was 1.9% financing instead of 4.9%. I had just lost my previous car in an accident, so I needed something to replace it with as fast as possible since I was in a rental car.

Both of my VW's and my Accord were dealer trades. My last few cars have been black leather (and my wife has had black leather in about the last 5 of her cars) and while it's easy to clean, it's also hot as balls during the summer. So, this time I went with the Ivory (tan) leather interior.

I've never been terribly fussed with the color choices. I went to my sales guy at Honda and once I had decided the Accord was the car for me I said get me this feature set and my first choice is Champaign, my second choice is Modern Steel Metallic (with Grey leather) and my third choice was White Orchid Pearl. They found a White Orchid pearl about 60 miles away, and I said that was absolutely fine. They drove it up and it had about 71 miles on the odometer when I took delivery.

I didn't have to put any money down, but I did sign a paper saying I was serious about doing business with the dealership. Once they had that paper, and got my credit score back, they had that car coming within minutes.

I agree with the others above, you won't lose your money if you don't take delivery of the car.

And I prefer dealing with a local dealer. This way you can lean on the sales person if service gives you any hassles down the road. And they usually treat you better when you bought the car from them. I mean maybe I could have flown to Kansas and saved $3k, but that's time and money to get there, and drive back. My car was in my driveway about 4 hours after I signed the paperwork and had the loan approved.

2016 Honda Accord EX-L, in White Orchid Pearl (1st ever Honda)
Click to see lifetime mileage of my I4 CVT.
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In California at least a deposit is always refundable on a car. The contract you signed is meaningless without a vehicle VIN# on it.
You're not stuck taking a car you don't want.
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